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A Passion For Economic Empowerment 

This story starts in the early 1980s when Tyrone Keys, then a child, attempted to interpret the stock tables inside Baltimore's News American daily newspaper.  When he asked his grandparents what the small print meant they said that those tables told people how to make money. They also told Tyrone that while they did not know how to interpret the charts and graphs detailing the activity of the New York Stock Exchange they knew who did understand this language of money. So they pointed him to a local business owner who took the time to teach a young inner city kid how to read the stock tables.  Thus began a life long passion to comprehend how money truly works and a mission to teach others how to make money work for them.  

MCE's purpose is to provide individuals and families with the knowledge and tools to bank on themselves by maintaining liquidity, keeping more of their hard earned money and then putting that money to work.  We start this process with our complimentary and proprietary Financial Needs Analysis. This process identifies where you are in relation to your ultimate financial goals and charts a course on how to achieve those goals and establish a true economic legacy via financial independence


We Help You Build The 4 Pillar Foundation For Your Financial Fortress

  • Liquidity - When opportunities or emergencies present themselves you must be ready to act without having to rely on high interest credit options

  • Safety - Making sure your principle is secure and always working for you is a must

  • Rate of Return - We can show you how to make your money work harder for you than you are working for it

  • Tax Freedom - Taxation Now vs. Taxation Later - Yes you can have tax free accumulation, tax free access (liquidity) and tax free distribution which builds generational wealth

We help you construct these pillars via a range of products and services in partnership with the most respected and well positioned names in financial services. 

Our Team

Our Family Team

Tyrone Perccy Tie Narrow 1.png

Tyrone E. Keys, Jr.

Managing Partner

Tyrone is truly passionate about showing people how they can get their money working harder to help them achieve their financial goals. His clients include small and mid size businesses, families and individuals.  He specializes in demonstrating the impact that taxes and inflation can have on investment returns and providing options to legally reduce those risks and grow wealth. He focuses on maintaining liquidity while reducing risks and providing clients with a stable rate of return. 


Syreeta Saunders-Keys, MBA

Real Estate Investment Consultant

Syreeta is ready to offer her perspectives relating to real estate's role in your wealth building plan.  Syreeta is an expert in the field of real estate and her company has sold over $100,000,000 in real estate.  Her clients include  United States government agencies including the USDA, Fannie Mae and major financial institutions from Bank of America to various credit unions.  She routinely represents individuals and families.  

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