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Join Our Mission:
Economic Empowerment For All

Our Platform For Global Empowerment

MCE is a corporation committed to changing the world through positive economic impacts.

We do this in three ways:

1. Providing client solutions designed to achieve and maintain financial independence 

2. Providing an economic literacy platform engineered to teach people how money works - so that they can get it working harder for them

3. Reaching out across the globe to provide economic opportunities to individuals in developing economies 

You Can Help Change The World

MCE is totally committed to your long term financial success.  Our expertise, experience and network of partners are all focused  on helping you achieve and maintain financial independence.  As a token of our appreciation for your business we donate a portion of our profits to vetted, high impact economic empowerment projects in various parts of the developing world. We go one step further and make those donations in your name. 

We do this because we are truly committed to changing as much of the world as possible. We know full well that money empowers. It turns dreams into opportunities. We want to foster as many opportunities as we can. Imagine what can happen when you unlock a person's potential. What can someone do for this world if given a chance? If given the economic structure to succeed? This is especially important in regions where economic systems are still evolving. Areas that don't offer access to the wealth of financial products and solutions available in the US. These are the areas that are most in danger of failing to include those at or below the poverty line.  We believe in Economic Liberty For All!

Here's how it works. It's very simple. When you do business with us directly and refer someone who we can introduce our services to, you can select from a list of high impact projects. These projects are designed to enable individuals in developing nations to generate income on their own, better understand ways to make their economy work for them and/or finance a micro business.  Examples include providing economic support for financial literacy training in Uganda, supporting micro lending operations in Zimbabwe, teaching communities to manage their finances in Thailand and more.  As a client who has made a referral to our services you choose the one project (below) that speaks to you. A project in an area you are passionate about making an economic difference in.  We then donate to that effort in your name. 100% of the donation we make goes to the cause you select. 

Working with MCE allows our clients to achieve personal financial independence, build a generational wealth structure and create a lasting economic legacy in the lives of those most in need. It is important to create a world where everyone lives and thrives in an environment that gives them the best opportunity possible.  That is our commitment to our clients and to this world we all share. 

High Impact Economic Empowerment Projects

African woman painint.jpg
Tuk-Tuk parking by Sanam Luang



Project managed by: MicroLoan Foundation Australia 

Project Description

Country: Malawi

Invest in the future of an impoverished woman living in Malawi by providing a one day business plan and training course. This course will help to impart women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their families and contribute to their livelihood. Your contribution is crucial in ensuring the sustainability and continuity of this project to make positive impacts in women's lives.


Project managed by: Opportunity International Australia

Project Description

Country: Indonesia

Two billion families around the world live in poverty. Surviving on less than US$3.20 a day, they struggle to afford even the most basic of items such as food, shelter, medicine when they’re sick and education for their children. With a small loan, you can give families a hand up out of poverty, helping them build their own businesses in ways such as a sewing machine for tailoring, or seeds for a farm, and earn the regular incomes they need to provide for their children. Plus, because 98% of loans are repaid and recycled, your donation will help more and more families over time.


Project managed by: Build It International

Project Description

Country: Zambia

Many young people do not complete their education in Zambia, particularly girls. Accessing skills for life provides a 2nd chance and a vital opportunity to gain vocational training, work placement and opportunities to provide for themselves and continue their journey out of poverty. Build It has pioneered a simple yet highly effective model, enabling thousands of unemployed young people in Zambia to secure valuable building skills and other vocational qualifications. Your support allows these young people attend this training and improve their future prospects.


Project managed by: Gawad Kalinga 

Project Description

Country: The Philippines 

Millions of people are living in dire poverty in the Philippines. Only 50% of high school students go to college and only 14% graduate. Due to the lack of opportunities, the brightest students leave the countryside to pursue employment. This project provides an education-based solution to rural development. It is the first school for social entrepreneurship for rural development through education and hands-on learning, mentored by an international team of social entrepreneurs and innovators. The students create social enterprises that will develop rural areas through job and wealth creation.

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